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SuperEMR is ZERO cost to start

 We offer a free trial period and free training. Additionally, we offer free consultation service to help new and old practices to obtain the necessary electronic billing ids with key payors such as Medicare and Medi-Cal.  

After the initial trial period, SuperEMR is available at a low monthly rate per doctor. This includes the software system setup for the practice, unlimited number of users, licensing fee to use the software (both EMR and PM), web server hosting, interfaces with major laboratories, daily remote backup, training, and technical support.

Other optional services are available in the following categories:

Local Server Instead of the free web hosting option, physicians may opt to install a dedicated server at the office. Estimated cost of the dedicated server is $2000 and up, depending on configuration, plus a installation charge at a rate at $100/hour.
Local Backup Server This option is for a full-functioning backup server setup in the doctor's office. This allows the practice to access information from the previous day's backup, in the event of any major web server or communications problem. The cost for this option is $1000 + Tax. It includes the cost of the server and the implementation charges.
ID Scanner Single sided ID Scanner (Ambir model PS665) to scan patients' identification and insurance cards into the SuperEMR system. The cost for the scanner and the SuperEMR software component is $200 + Tax.
Document Scanner Brother (MFC 8460N)Combo Scanner to scan documents into the SuperEMR system. The combo equipment may also function as a fax device, seamlessly integrating received fax documents to the SuperEMR system. The cost for the scanner and the SuperEMR software component is $450 + Tax.
Label Printer Dymo Label Printer (Model 400 or Turbo) to print patient labels based on the demographics information input into the SuperEMR system. The cost of the label printer and the SuperEMR software component is $150 + Tax.
Data Conversion Data Conversion of patient demographics from existing legacy system may be free of charge if the data is available in simple easy-to-read format (e.g., Excel, Delimited text file,..). Otherwise, we offer professional consulting service at a rate at $130/hour.
Diagnositic equipment
(e.g., Xray, EKG, Ultrasound)
SuperEMR system currently integrates seamlessly with several medical diagnostic equipment. We will review the client's actual setup and provide a cost proposal to implement the integration.
Naomi System Digital Xray Sensor PMC has partnered with Naomi System to develop an integrated comprehensive software solution for the Naomi System Digital Xray Sensor. The total cost of the Sensor with software is $12,000 and up.
PACS/RIS Solution The Picture Archiving and Communication System and Radiology Information System Solution - PMC will provide a cost proposal based on review of the implementation requirements.
Billing Service PMC will offer a billing service for SuperEMR physicians. This will cover the processing and submission of the claims, entering and reconciliation of the EOBs, and generation of the financial reports weekly or monthly. The fees will be based on the scope of the work required.
Others Professional consulting service may be available for special projects such as networking, custom development for the practice. PMC will provide a cost proposal for each project.


What's New

  • Best Practice Healthcare Management and Statistics Reporting
  • Supports Medicare / Medicaid PQRI (Physician Quality Reporting Initiatives)
  • Automatic integration with Google Health
  • Electronic integration with the Los Angeles-Orange Immunization Network (LINK)
  • Electronic laboratory ordering and reporting
  • Electronic Prescription