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SuperEMR is a comprehensive electronic medical record system designed for small practices. Patient information including past medical and social history, encounters, diagnosis, medication, laboratory results, hospital reports, and medical imaging dicom results can all be stored electronically in secure databases. The system is web-based, allowing simple yet secure access to the patient information from anywhere and anytime. We offer remote backup options for protection against system failures or natural disaster.

  • No more hassle with paper charts - SuperEMR is designed to facilitate a paperless operation in a medical practice. The software solution allows a medical office to eliminate shelves and shelves of patient paper charts. The entire patient information including past medical and social history, previous encounters, diagnosis, medication, and laboratory tests will be stored electronically in secure databases.
  • Patient Information always at your fingertips - Doctors and staff can securely access or complete patient charts anytime and anywhere - at the clinic, hospital, home, or while traveling.
  • Comprehensive, yet easy-to-use - The solution provides easy-to-use and flexible interfaces that requires minimal data entry from doctors and staff. Patient demographics, diagnosis, and medication data can be captured or accessed via personal computers, tablet personal computers, and handheld devices. Results from test devices or laboratories can be integrated to the patient record via interfaces including fax or personal computer scan.
  • Business Protection - Doctors can opt to routinely have the entire database backed up at a remote site or locally in their offices for protection against system failures or natural disaster.

SuperEMR is Customized for Your Specialty.
Designed for Cardiologists Designed for Family Medicine Physicians Designed for Gastroenterologists Designed for Image Centers
Designed for Internal Medicine Physicians Designed for Neurologists Designed for Oncologists Designed for Pediatricians

What's New

  • Best Practice Healthcare Management and Statistics Reporting
  • Supports Medicare / Medicaid PQRI (Physician Quality Reporting Initiatives)
  • Automatic integration with Google Health
  • Electronic integration with the Los Angeles-Orange Immunization Network (LINK)
  • Electronic laboratory ordering and reporting
  • Electronic Prescription