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Corporate Wellness

The Corporate Wellness division (originally strYve Empowerment Tools) was built on the belief that customizing your wellness program(s) (corporate or individual) will provide a greater Return on Your Investment.  Wellness has become a US buzzword for those corporations looking to reduce their healthcare costs. Some national averages show a $4.00 to $9.00 return for each dollar spent on employee wellness programs. Those returns come from reduced healthcare costs, increased productivity, and even reduced absenteeism. Coordinated wellness programs can additionally impact your Workers Comp claims, Disability claims and more. However, not all Wellness Programs are created equally. At strYve Pacific, we have carefully examined these differences and know that by customizing your programs to the specific needs of your employee base - your benefits greatly increase.
Our wellness programs are available in 4 formats:
 - to an individual looking for a comprehensive program (not simply weight management, or fitness  - but a program that allows them to build full amd comprehensive wellness goals)
 - As an employer paid wellness program
 - employer paid  - with participation tied in to out of pocket health care costs
 - partially employer/partially employee paid
 - 100% voluntary/employee paid.  This format allows employees to choose wellness and still experience our full and comprehensive program.  This makes it a perfect fit for any company regardless of size.
Additionally, we have created professional alliances that are closely related to wellness and can greatly impact your Corporate Culture. These alliances for EAP, Go Green Initiatives, Workers Comp and Safety Improvements, and 401K Education can allow a human resource professional or team to choose a group of professionals that will coordinate for better implementation and quality.

We are proud to offer you a few key differences. We act as consultants first - assessing via confidential health risk and life/lifestyle risk assessments. We then carefully combine these results with in-person physical assessments. Our staff spends the time to analyze and feedback your results in combination with our program recommendations. Even better, we implement those recommendations for you - at your corporate location.  Our wellness programs are web - based and allow us to create an evidence based program based on your employees/associates.  In addition, this allows full coordination for companies that have multiple locations.  Our programs are available on a national or global basis.

You win and you save. Because we act as your ongoing wellness provider, you do not have to hire another HR employee - thus saving salary and benefit costs.

In addition, having us as your third party administrator saves your from worry and potential legal concerns regarding HIPPA and having access to personal medical information of your employees. Any company considering an employee wellness program should consider a third party provider - simply for this reason.
Work with a company that takes the time to research these topics and stays up to date on the industry and your employer rights.

We believe in earning your business and guaranteeing our work. We provide the highest quality work at the lowest possible costs. Because we work hard to keep our overhead at a minimum - you can implement a high quality wellness program at a fraction of the anticipated costs.

Lastly, we do not walk away. We know that employee wellness takes long term commitment. We remain committed to your employee base through the highs and the lows. With full time Quality Assurance Professional - we listen to your concerns, questions and even complaints. We have a 24 hour response promise. We measure results on a quarterly basis - so you know the impact your corporate wellness program is having on the health of your employees.

Our program founders come both from the insurance industry and from the Wellness industry. This dynamic combination means a thorough understanding of what you are attempting to accomplish with a Customized Corporate Wellness Program.

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Health Care Brokers/Agents - we provide a very nice commission to brokers who are willing to become fully educated in our Corporate Wellness Programs and provide A COMPREHENSIVE Wellness program along with the tools that they already offer their corporate clients. Our brokers know that lifestyle and wellness attributes to 70 - 80 % of healthcare costs and care enough about their clients to empower them for the future. To receive a commission and contract preview email us today at angela.yasulitis@stryvelifecoaching.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call our main office.

What's New

  • Best Practice Healthcare Management and Statistics Reporting
  • Supports Medicare / Medicaid PQRI (Physician Quality Reporting Initiatives)
  • Automatic integration with Google Health
  • Electronic integration with the Los Angeles-Orange Immunization Network (LINK)
  • Electronic laboratory ordering and reporting
  • Electronic Prescription