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FEAST is our proprietary wellness and wellbeing coaching system.

Individuals working with strYve will be given our full life and health assessments. Based on these confidential tools we are able to customize a program that prioritizes areas that individual wants to work on first. Prioritizing involves determining which FEAST areas are having the greatest (negative) impact on a person's life and working to improve those areas.

Financial Fitness

Financial fitness starts with determining the level of stress your current financial situation is having on your life. We then take a look at simple steps to lower that stress. Common steps include: creating a household budget and daily spending allowance, addressing your credit score, addressing your savings, creating questions for your financial advisor, and more. Education and implementing sound financial strategies rather than avoidance can provide significant stress reductions. This component to wellbeing is becoming more and more needed and we find this to be increasingly popular to corporate clients.

Exercise and Nutrition

Exercise plays a vital role in any wellness program. We find the main reason people do not stick to exercise programs is a lack of personal accountability. At strYve we provide that accountability. We meet with our clients weekly - either one on one or in group class settings, via email or telephone coaching. You answer to us. In general people enjoy success in moving each week when they must come face to face with a wellness coach.

We encourage and create exercise programs that a person can do at home or in a gym. We believe in simple aerobic and weight bearing exercise - without the need for fancy equipment.


Our bodies need specific macronutrients and micronutrients to maintain good health and also to help us in overcoming any health challenges we may be facing. Macronutrients include proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Micronutrients include vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Each and every person is different and therefore the nutritional demands of each individual can very greatly.

At strYve we focus on the individual, helping people understand nutrition and why need need to eat pure clean foods. Nutrition is more than just calories. Good nutrition provides our bodies with the many needed nutrients for it to carry out it's many daily functions and to prevent many health problems. Many studies have shown that there is a nutritional component to every disease and health condition and educating ourselves on what our bodies need is the first step to achieving your optimum level of health.

At strYve we are available to provide one on one nutritional consulting in person or by telephone for children and adults, for those looking to maintain health or overcome a health problem. We also offer our Online Nutritional Advisor to help you 24 hours a day with your nutrition. (you can use this as a standalone tool for $10.00/month and have access to other strYve wellness programs - email today)

Remember nutrition is not about a "diet" or "fads", it is about balance and lifestyle, about eating for living and nourishing our bodies, minds, and soul.
A particularly needed sub-component is weight management. We offer customized weight management programs - that again include weekly check ins. In addition, we track more than weight - taking a significant look at your body fat and measurements as these are shown to have significant impact on health and disease.

Attitude Improvements

Attitude does impact your health. There are still people that say this is not true, yet most individuals when undergoing a thorough life and lifestyle assessment know they feel down when their attitude is down. In fact, scientists have done many studies showing that high stress causes higher blood pressure and depletes certain vitamins in the body. In fact stress has been shown to increase harmful chemicals that can cause serious issues if they are too prevalent in the body. Again simple daily steps can have a significant impact on stress levels. At strYve we work to find simple steps that remind people what they should be grateful for and positive about on a daily basis.

Stress Management for Spirit and Soul

Stress ties in directly with all of the above components however, our spirits can suffer dramatically from stress. strYve asks simple, straightforward questions to determine stress levels and the impact on your spirit and soul. It can take examining the root causes of stress to find out just how wide spread the impact. Again, you may need to work on priorities first. For example, a client may say - my job causes me stress, my marriage causes me stress, my kids cause me stress, the economy is causing me stress. A good question we ask is - of those stressors - what can YOU control?
You can't control the economy, you may not be able to immediately change your job, but you can change to role you play in your home life and your work life. Avoidance only makes it worse - addressing stressors is often a huge stress relief in and of itself.

Take Time for Oneself

It's often an amazing a true picture of our world today to ask a working parent with school age children about their schedule. You will hear things like, "I work from 8:30 to 5:00, I get my kids dinner, I get them to 2 practices and one game, we do homework, and sometimes I take work home. I don't have any time for myself." And I know this sounds cliché - but if you don't take care of yourself first - you will not improve your wellness and wellbeing. Our clients - individual or corporate must commit to setting aside a specific amount of time for themselves - daily. If you are not ready to do that - you are not ready to improve your health and wellbeing. You are your greatest asset and your biggest cheerleader. You are also often your biggest challenge. If you are committed to learning and growing the walls of your life will continue to expand.

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