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StYve PacificTM

StrYve Pacific's mission is to educate, encourage and empower people to optimum levels of wellness using a full suite of programs and professional alliances. Our program offers a comprehensive wellness and health risk management/prevention solution. The program is delivered via the web-based SuperEMR platform, allowing global availability of the wellness information to the participants, participants' healthcare providers, and administrators. StrYve Pacific's vision is to make an impact on individuals and corporations that changes the health of Americans. Chronic disease, obesity and stress continue to rise in America. We are only beginning to see the impact. We know that through education and accountability, health and wellness can improve.

Customization Counts

We provide our customized programs through corporate or employee wellness programs, individual coaching or classrooms, workshops and speaking engagements. In addition, our Corporate Wellness Programs provide alliances for EAP, Workers Comp Improvements, Go Green Initiatives, 401K education and more. These important topics are key issues for today's Human Resource Professional. Working with one company who provides alliances, coordination, and follow-through can relieve a lot of stress and hours of work for smaller Human Resource Teams.
Finally a wellness program that GUARANTEES* results.

Our lifestyle assessments address beyond health and fitness - providing and individual or corporations the biggest bang for their buck. Our clients work on many aspects of their wellbeing:

  • Financial Fitness
  • Exercise and Nutrition
  • Attitude Improvement
  • Stress Reduction through Spirit and Soul
  • Taking Time for Themselves

Our unique and Proprietary FEASTTM wellness program allows our clients to create a 90 Day Wellness Challenge - empowering themselves to all types of GOAL ATTAINMENT. Because these results are measure-able; a company utilizing our systems can see a real Return on Investment (ROI).

If you want to save thousands on future healthcare costs, sick leave, and downtime due to depression and other anxieties - consider strYve Empowerment Tools. We act as consultants first, customize your program, and stick with you for accountability.

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What's New

  • Best Practice Healthcare Management and Statistics Reporting
  • Supports Medicare / Medicaid PQRI (Physician Quality Reporting Initiatives)
  • Automatic integration with Google Health
  • Electronic integration with the Los Angeles-Orange Immunization Network (LINK)
  • Electronic laboratory ordering and reporting
  • Electronic Prescription